Comfort Floodplain Coalition welcomes State Rep. Doug Miller

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On May 12th, 2012 the Comfort Floodplain Coalition hosted an informational meeting at the local VFW hall.  We were honored to have our Texas State Representative Doug Miller show his support by attending as the guest speaker.  Representative Miller was closely involved with the recently-completed Dry Comal Creek Dam, providing flood protection to New Braunsfels, and shared his experience and knowledge on the topic.  Among those that spoke to the CFC members and attending public was Kendall County Commissioner Kenneth Rusch.  Commissioner Rusch took the opportunity to share very encouraging news.  FEMA had just officially admitted portions of the new Flood Insurance Rate Maps were significantly flawed.  The county had questioned a portion of the changes made to the hazard boundaries.  It was revealed the maps had been redrawn according to data derived solely from areal data, without any boots on the ground.  A FEMA sponsored review and revision was very likely.  The suggestion was made, given the admission of flawed data & obvious inaccuracy, to contest the rest of the flood boundaries, while FEMA's attention is on the issue.  We hope you find the meeting video informative.