Comfort Floodplain Coalition Organizational Meeting

It appears that your bowser does not have flash installed. Please install and try again.On February 25th of 2012, seeking relief from both the peril of flooding and burdensome administrative regulations, Comfort property owners gathered to form Comfort Floodplain Coalition was established as an ad hoc, grassroots, organization.

Two events preceded the organizational meeting.  The first was the adoption on December 17th, 2010 of a new Flood Insurance Rate Map covering the Comfort area; the net effect of the new map was an increase in the area designated as ‘floodplain’ by about 30%.  To the bewilderment of many citizens land that had never flooded in the 130 year history of Comfort was now included in the floodplain and, paradoxically, some lots with a long history of flooding were removed from the floodplain.  The economic impact on property values that are now included in the floodplain is immense as is the cost of flood insurance that is required by most mortgage lenders.

Secondly, and after years of liberal interpretation of the FEMA rules about construction of accessory buildings in the floodway, county regulators began to take a stringent attitude on code enforcement.

A presentation was given, questions were taken and ideas shared.  Emmanuel 'Mani' Flatten was voted president by those attending and committee chairpersons were appointed.  Meetings and informational events have since continued, steadily forging a path toward the betterment of our community, while attracting growing support.  We hope you'll join us in protecting our town.