Report on Regional Water Supply Facility Planning Grant Meeting in Kerrville, 8/5/13


Present from the Comfort Floodplain Coalition were:

Frank Manitzas, Tim DeWitt, Robert Chamberlain, Nick Watson


This was a preliminary meeting to discuss the Plan of Action.  The next meeting will be in November at which time the planning will be 50% complete.  There is a meeting planned for April when the plan should be completed.


The area of concern is Eastern Kerr County and Western Kendall County.


The grant is for $67,400.00 and is contracted out to Tetra Tech (Keller Drozdick, P.E.) with input from both Kendall and Kerr Counties, as well as Cow Creek and WCID #1.


While they will be looking for all options to increase water supply, no definite solutions will come from this study.


This is a water supply study only and does not take into account flooding.  That being said there may be a possible dual purpose structure (ASR) recommended along Cypress Creek.


There have been talks between the Kerr County Flood Administrator and Rick Tobolka from Kendall County on possible grants which would be a joint county submission, but nothing has been identified to date.


Jonathan Letz did thank CFC President Emmanuel Flatten for saving the 1984 Cypress Creek flood mitigation study, which may be of use in watershed projects.


The CFC made sure we would receive notice of future meetings.


Though flood protection is not currently part of the grant, several organizations spoke with the CFC members about discussing the possibility further.






August 5, 2013

10:00 AM

Regional Water Supply Facility Planning Grant

Upper Guadalupe River Authority

125 Lehmann Drive

Lecture Hall

Kerrville, TX  78028


The purpose of this meeting is to give citizens an introduction/overview of a Regional Water Supply Facility Planning Grant applied for and received by Kerr County. The grant is from the Texas Water Development Board.   The planning area covers eastern Kerr County and Western Kendall County. 


1.                 Project Overview

2.          Introduction of  Participants

3.          Scope of Work Overview

4.          Project Timeline

5.          Public Comment




For questions relating to the meeting please contact:

Comm. Jonathan Letz, Precinct 3

(830) 739-1699


Keller Drozdick, P.E.

Tetra Tech Inc.

(210) 226-2922